About Mary's Dog House
Dogs aren't just my job- dogs are a huge part of my life. Whether at work, or at home, or during my
leisure time, dogs are an integral part of almost everything I do! I am proud to be able to provide
experienced, safe, quality pet grooming services to the pets of the South Hills. I have over 27 years
experience working with pets not only as a groomer, but in training and competition as well. My love of
working with pets began after I acquired my first Basset Hound, Molly, in 1985. She was a very sweet
but incredibly ill-behaved puppy. We began training classes together, and as she "graduated" to the
more advanced levels I began assisting and then teaching training classes. While attending college I
worked part-time as a bather in a pet grooming shop, and subsequently decided that I wanted to make
grooming my career. In 1991, after an intensive apprenticeship, I began working as a professional
groomer, while continuing to both teach training classes and work with my own dogs for competition. I
also began to foster and work with rescue dogs through Droopy Basset Hound Rescue, as well as
other local rescue groups and shelters. Mary's Dog House opened in 2001. While work and family
commitments have curtailed my ability to compete with my dogs, I continue to further my education in
both the grooming and training fields in order to be able to provide the very best services possible to
my clients. As my children grow older, they too are learning and helping with all of my dog endeavors,
and my daughter currently wishes to make pet grooming her career. I am grateful for all of the families
who have entrusted their pets to our Mary's Dog House "family" and am very thankful that my work is
something I love.
Attended Mt. Lebanon High School, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  Training apprenticeship, Tri-Community Dog Training School and Dogs R Us
  Grooming apprenticeship, Horses and Hounds, Indiana, PA

Grooming- online membership Learn2GroomDogs video instruction
  Seminar/trade show attendance- GroomExpo, Intergroom, Atlanta Pet Fair, H.H Backer Pet
  Trade Show (Chicago and Baltimore)

  Online grooming forum memberships for networking and education

  Training Seminars- APDT and NADOI annual conferences, Terry Ryan, Ian Dunbar, Sue
  Sternberg, Karen Pryor

  Past Professional Member, National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors and
  Association of Pet Dog Trainers

General Pet Knowledge- breed standards and types, pet nutrition, first aid, pet behavior, pet
  health, PA Dog Law, safe handling of pets, pet disease and sanitation, parasites/treatment
  Grooming- breed standard, custom styles, coat types, skin care, hand scissoring,
  hand stripping, product ingredients and selection, equipment selection and maintenance

  Behavior- extensive experience with evaluation and modification of behavioral issues, including
  but not limited to aggression, fear, and shyness, as well as general behavior modification.

  Training and Competition- AKC conformation, AKC obedience, AKC agility, field trials
  (Basset Hound), earthdog, Schutzhund (tracking, obedience, protection)

  Rescue- fostered and placed over 150 dogs, puppies, and kittens into permanent homes

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Pet Friends Program with Molly and Rosie
  Numerous nursing home therapy visits
  Numerous demonstrations for schools and community groups
  Too many hours of training class time to count!
At Mary's Dog House our goal is to provide you and your pet with a quality, safe,
grooming experience for a fair price. We choose our products and equipment
carefully to maximize quality and efficiency while minimizing stress for both pet and
groomer. All staff are trained not only in grooming techniques but also safety

We utilize a massaging bathing system to ensure that all pets are completely
clean, from top to bottom, and in all the nooks and crannies. The shampoo is
delivered through the system and powers through even the thickest of coats to get
pets clean from the skin out.
Many dogs then get the burrito
treatment, designed to help pull moisture
out of the coat, and speed drying time.
We also use absorbent mats on the
drying table and hoodie tubes over the
ears both to help with drying and protect
pet's sensitive ears from the noise of the
We continue drying with a high velocity
forced air dryer. These dryers have
variable speeds to adjust for different
sizes and coat types of pets. The force
dryers are used to get the pets almost
completely dry, to remove shedding
undercoat, and fluff the coat in
preparation for trimming.
Pets are then placed into wire holding
crates and ambient temperature fans are
used to get the last bits of moisture out
of the coat. Pets that cannot tolerate the
force dryer are also dried in this manner.
Temperature and humidity of the drying
area are monitored for pet safety and
efficient drying.
Finally, the pet is brought back out to the
main grooming tables where groomers will
make sure that everything needed is finished
and the trimming is completed. The final step
is a bandana or bows and the pet is placed
back into a secure holding crate to wait for